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Combining data from FTIR and Impulse Hammer Data Combining data from FTIR and Impulse Hammer Data

The AutoScan data can be manipulated and analyzed using DataMiner© software developed by NER to facilitate the integration of different scales and types of property measurements.

This integration allows the AutoScan data to be used for core selection and screening, log calibration, and petrophysical facies identification. These data yield a quantitative characterization of heterogeneity at scales that are currently difficult to quantify from log and core analysis.

In addition, the analysis software option provides a means of implementing effective media models for upscaling measured properties. This includes predictions of log-scale resistivity, permeability tensors, and scaling of seismic response using traditional volume averaging approaches. The package also provides links to NER's Pore Structure Inversion (PSI) software and AutoLab data files, providing ties to laboratory data collected and analyzed using NER's equipment and software product line.

Key Features

  • Interactive plotting
  • Interpretation software with effective media models for upscaling
  • Analysis software for cross plotting and facies classifications
  • Integration of imported photographs and ASCII log or core data for comparison

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