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Rock Mechanics and Physical Properties Measurements
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New England Research offers ASTM and ISRM standard measurements. Many of these measurements can be done simultaneously over arbitrary stress trajectories. More complex measurements we offer are not listed here.

Fluid Flow Properties

  • Permeability (steady state, transient, and low permeability)

Electrical Properties

  • Complex  resistivity

Elastic Constants

  • Ultrasonic velocity (axial, transverse, and low frequency)
  • Linear compressibility
  • Grain compressibility
  • Confined compression
  • Pore volume compaction
  • Pore pressure depletion under uniaxial strain
  • Uniaxial strain

Fracture and Failure

  • Strength
  • Fracture toughness
  • Unconfined and confined compression tests to failure
  • Multistage confined compression
  • Hollow cylinder


  • Thermal expansion
  • Acoustic emissions


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