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NER Laboratory testing equipment is the result of expert in-house designs and decades of expertise in rock properties measurements applied to fossil fuel reservoir conditions.

The latest improvements in technique, analysis software, and hardware are incorporated into the design of each system. Because state-of-the-art equipment built and sold by NER is also used in-house, we offer the best quality technical support to our clients.

NER offers a range of laboratory systems that enable the user to measure rock properties using a variety of protocols and test conditions:

AutoLab Series
AutoLab systems allow the measurement of static and dynamic elastic properties of rock core and plugs at controlled conditions of stress, temperature, and fluid pressure(s). Complex electrical properties as well as flow and transport parameters can be determined simultaneously.

High Temperature AutoLab
These high temperature systems supports NER’s standard measurement options: velocity, permeability, and acoustic emissions at maximum temperature and pressure conditions.

AutoScan is an automated laboratory core scanner that allows the user to perform point-focus physical properties scanning of whole core non-destructively using interchangeable probes. Spatially-coupled point measurement scans of ultrasonic compressional and shear wave velocity, resistivity, mechanical hardness,  permeability, and composition (FTIR) can be made to determine core property variations and property correlations.

BenchLab Series
The BenchLab, available in the 7000 benchtop model and the 7000 EX floor model, is designed to measure petrophysical rock properties at reservoir pressures in a compact modular setup. Properties measured include low permeability, ultrasonic velocities, and electrical resistivity at confining pressures up to 10,000 psi (70 MPa) with gas or liquid pore fluids.

TinyPerm 3
TinyPerm 3 is a portable hand-held air permeameter used for field measurements of rock matrix permeability or effective fracture apertures on outcrops and core.

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