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Measurement Services

Measurement Services

New England Research offers a large range of measurement services tailored to customer needs. Both routine and specialized rock core physical property measurements are available. These measurements can be done over a large range of pressures and temperatures and at controlled fluid pressures. Our rock mechanics tests adhere to strict ASTM and ISRM standards and can be performed in parallel with permeability, velocity, or resistivity tests. In this way we can establish dynamic versus static property correlations necessary to calibrate well-log data and quantify formation heterogeneity and anisotropy. The lab data and the model parameters derived from them are also indispensable for constraining reservoir models on stress distributions, wellbore stability, and completion/stimulation designs and for predicting sanding, compaction, and permeability reduction during reservoir depletion.

Standard tests examples:

  • Unconfined (UCS) and confined compression under controlled temperature and pore pressure(s) conditions, with or without axial loading
  • Coupled or stand-alone measurement(s) of permeability, ultrasonic compressional/shear wave velocities and resistivity
  • Pore volume compressibility (Biot coefficient estimates), Brazil tensile strength, fracture toughness and thermal expansion
  • Continuous core scanning for ultrasonic velocity, permeability, resistivity and composition (FTIR)
  • Conventional core analysis and petrographic analysis – thin section, SEM, XRD

Specialized core testing:

  • Complete characterization of elastic anisotropy of shale from plug measurements
  • Nanodarcy permeability measurement at controlled confining pressure and temperature
  • Low frequency ultrasonic velocity

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