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Rock Mechanics and Physical Properties Measurements
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NER offers complete leading-edge solutions to today's most challenging energy and environmental problems.

We offer a full suite of consulting services focusing on subsurface processes at all scales of geological interest, ranging from pore scale to field scale, including the following.

Core Scale

  • experimental design for geomechanics testing and physical properties measurements
  • custom laboratory equipment design and fabrication
  • upscaling and core-to-log integration
  • core analysis, datamining, and interpretation
  • integrated physical modeling

Well-log Scale

  • reservoir characterization
  • well-log calibration, analysis, and modeling
  • rock typing
  • physically based upscaling
  • geostatistical modeling

Field Scale

  • reservoir/aquifer flow and transport modeling
  • AVO and 4-D seismic calibration
  • field test design
  • fractured reservoir characterization

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